Wired Hard:

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Paradise Crime Thrillers Book 3

Paradise hides a thief with an obsession.

What would you do to save something priceless?
Security specialist Sophie Ang has a new case: someone is looting artifacts from a royal Hawaiian archaeological site on Maui. Things get deadly fast, and Sophie’s friend, Detective Lei Texeira, takes the case. The women track a killer whose tangled motives extend high into the world of Hawaiian cultural affairs, and deep into the darkest of human motivations—and all the while, Sophie walks a tightrope between new love and heartbreak.

***Finalist: Best Indie Book 2017***

“Neal’s female leads are strong, fierce, independent and fabulous although rough around the edges. She writes with such exquisite detail…immersing you into the island surroundings as though you are there. Exhilarating, suspenseful, thrilling, fast paced, action packed, easy flow, engaging, immersive, vulnerable, and scintillating.” ~F. Thorn, reviewer

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8 reviews for Wired Hard

  1. Patricia Clark

    I certainly agree with the readers comments. I'm new to your books but I won't be for long.

  2. Beulah Bannon

    All of your books are just great.

  3. Edward Fox

    Good reads that have interesting and diverse characters which are well constructed.

  4. Jim

    I have enjoyed every Toby Neal book so far, I expect this one will be the same.

  5. Gene

    Great book. Lots of action kept you on the edge of your seat.

  6. Janet Trujillo

    great reading

  7. Linda Bowman

    Great book! All he went from one predicament to another. She was able to handle what ever was thrown at her.

  8. Tricia

    Wow! This was a good one from beginning to end. Sophie Ang went from incident after incident non-stop. She is an amazing character and I whipped through the pages. Her romantic interests were still in a semi-confused state and I am not sure that Conner is the right one for her but time will tell. . This is a great read and you won't be disappointed – get it!

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