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Top Six Effective Author Marketing Tools

If you have a book out, you’re looking for effective author marketing tools. What happens when you do a search for those keywords — ‘book marketing tools?’ About 9,200,000 results (0.29 seconds) A whole industry has exploded in recent years with the growth in self-publishing and the success of the independent author market. Like you,… Read more »

Top Six Ways to Sell a Ton of Books

These six ways to sell a ton of books have been the cornerstone of my success with the Lei Crime Series. As the launch date of the Lei Crime Kindle World approaches (April 7) the excitement is increasing—and also the questions. How did I do it? What makes the Lei Crime Series special enough to… Read more »

What would you say to your younger self in two words?

What would you say to your younger self in two words? I post these pictures and positives on my Facebook page–my little way of doing some mental health encouragement for my friends and followers. Yesterday’s post, this picture, yielded such a bounty of wonderful advice for our younger selves I couldn’t wait to put it… Read more »

Women and the new entrepreneurship

Women and the new entrepreneurship. I’ve finally, truly wrapped my head around the fact that I’m an entrepreneur. A business owner. (It’s April 7, and the ink is drying on the checks I just wrote that prove it, made out to U.S. Treasury and Hawaii State Tax Collector, respectively.) This is the story of how… Read more »

Is anyone reading blogs anymore?

Specifically, is anyone reading author blogs anymore? This thought has been occurring to me lately as I look ahead to next month when Torch Ginger comes out. Yes, folks, mid-July I’ll be launching the second in the Lei Crime Series, with all its attendant excitement and alas, marketing efforts. I’m trying to muster up some… Read more »