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Jasper National Park: Day 18 #MikeandTobyTravels

Click on the photos for them to open up big enough to see! Day eighteen in Jasper National Park, I slept in as Mike sneaked out for his morning recon mission exploring, fishing, and possibly taking a photography boat tour. I just wanted to be in one place for awhile. After I got up I… Read more »

Courtesy Matters in Canada: Day 17 of #MikeandTobyTravels

As another day of seemingly-endless driving rolled by between the grubby oil town of Fort St. John and the abundant beauty of Jasper, we talked about what was working on the trip, and what wasn’t. This much driving, without hikes or a really sweet destination, wasn’t working. We were both tired of being in the… Read more »

Whitehorse to Fort St. John, days 14-16 of #MikeandTobyTravels

From Whitehorse to Fort St. John, Days 14-16 of #MikeandTobyTravels After the bear encounter, we drove on toward Haines Junction, planning to stay overnight, but the series of dive motels at the dip-in the-road of town were either full or too scary or both, so we pressed on toward Whitehorse. I’m enamored of that name…. Read more »

To Haines and the Yukon: Day 13 of #MikeandTobyTravels

Outside of Haines and into the Yukon, we saw the biggest, hungriest grizzly today, and he stalked us. But let me begin at the beginning. The beaver is back near our campsite in Mendenhall Campground, crunching his water reeds, and he lets us get very close before he slaps his tail like a pistol shot… Read more »

Back to Juneau and camping: day 12 of #MikeandTobyTravels

Back to Juneau and camping: day 12 of #MikeandTobyTravels Today’s agenda is leaving Gustavus, spending the afternoon in Juneau, and camping before taking the ferry to Haines, Alaska, notable for being the road out. We both wake up at 4:30 a.m. and go over to the deck outside the Lodge to upload my blog and… Read more »