Specifically, is anyone reading author blogs anymore?

This is what I want my blog to be. Even so, does anyone read them anymore?

This thought has been occurring to me lately as I look ahead to next month when Torch Ginger comes out. Yes, folks, mid-July I’ll be launching the second in the Lei Crime Series, with all its attendant excitement and alas, marketing efforts.

I’m trying to muster up some enthusiasm for the cornerstone of online book marketing—the blog tour. But increasingly, I’m wondering if it works.

Does anyone but the author themselves and their few (paid, blackmailed, otherwise indebted) friends and family follow these things? Do guest posts and book reviews translate into sales?

I did close to a hundred guest blog posts, interviews, witty/touching/informative articles for more than 80 different blogs (some I was featured on twice) between December when Blood Orchids came out and when I collapsed from marketing exhaustion in April.

And yes, Blood Orchids has had a good run, which is winding down though far from dead. I anticipate attracting some new readers for it when Torch Ginger comes out, as writers with more than one book out seem to generate sales for older books off each new one that comes out. But was all that blogging necessary? Sometimes we have to stop long enough to evaluate whether or not the established wisdom of a marketing strategy even works.

What’s my research been on this? Reading blogs, of course! Industry blogs, other author blogs, and watching what my fellow writers and social media gurus espouse. But personally, do I read author interviews about their new books? Hardly ever.

In fact, I just looked at my Google Reader which has a list of blogs I'm signed up for– and this isn't willy-nilly, I'm selective. These are good blogs that I'm actually interested in. Well. the unread total fritzed out at “over 1000.” So how many blogs am I reading lately? The answer is, very few. I’m saturated, and unless a blog is truly riveting, original, has great information I need or is someone I care about, I’m not reading them anymore.

Is it just me? Or should I do a blog tour again?

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