Building an Author Platform That Can Launch Anything

    A Free Social Media Minibook

    Effective steps to building an author platform that can take advantage of free programs and launch any book into visibility and better sales.

    After much success on Amazon, Toby is offering the minibook FREE to any author!

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    Self published or not, today’s authors have to develop their own “platform” for reaching book buyers. This 20 page power-packed booklet with a bonus contains tips based on author Toby Neal’s sales and psychology background and experience with her bestselling crime novel, Blood Orchids. These secrets maximize social media to build an author platform that can bring fast, wide-ranging visibility and increased sales to any book.


    Ms. Neal gets right to the point and doesn't linger with unnecessary details. She tells you what she did, why she did it, and her results.

    • Rick G.

    The Best Book Marketing Bang for Your Buck (Literally)! As someone who has been published traditionally by major houses as well as going the self-publishing route, the first thing I'd like to say is that I wish--oh, how I wish--that I'd had this nifty guide to launching a book on my desk from the very start.

    • Holly C.

    Wow in 20 pages Toby tells it like it is! What to do to make your upcoming ebook a smash hit.

    • Bill Tillman

    Short, Sweet and Packs a Powerful Punch. Toby Neal delivers a no-nonsense, straightforward account of the steps she took to build the platform that launched BLOOD ORCHIDS to the number one Kindle Free spot on Amazon.

    • Gae-Lynn Woods