Father’s Day 2011 was a big one for Renaissance Man and I, the first ever where we had no children on island to share it with. As of this month, both kids are independent and launched, and we are facing this:

Post-kid open road

A wide open road.

Which neither of us are necessarily happy about. We miss the kids. We miss our rich, fun, busy family life. We needed an adventure to take our minds off it.

Bittersweet Father's Day call. Wish they were close enough to hug.

I packed a picnic, we sniffled through the tearjerker Father’s Day service at church and got on the road toward Hana—the back way—for a photography field trip.

I love a good (safe) adventure!

I had my new iPhone and Renaissance Man’s point-n-shoot, and he had his twin Canon 7-Ds.

I really don't mind this view, even after all these (25) years. Hee hee!

We didn’t bring enough water, sunscreen or good shoes, but that’s typical for a Neal adventure. We did have good sandwiches, made by the hardworking folks at Foodland.

I couldn't believe I found this bird nest in a noni tree!

I took a my first iPhone video, of me walking down a black sand dune. I fall in love with iPhone officially. Sorry, world, another convert has been made!


Took a lot of shots of rocks. I really love rocks. All kinds of rocks.

I could take pictures of rocks all day.

They're all beautiful.

I realize I like photography, always have, and the blog gives me a reason to take pictures. I have a little epiphany that writing stories to go with the pictures makes all the difference in my motivation.

I take a picture of Mike on the dunes

We took these pictures within seconds of each other, without realizing it.

and he takes one of me!

Also wind on the grass. I have a thing for wind on the grass.

Wind on the grass

We went down a mysterious unmarked 4 wheel drive road

The gate to a road less traveled, put it in 4 wheel and went to see what was there.

and found an amazing hidden reservoir teeming with native bird wildlife.

Hawaiian stilts pose for Mike.


Hawaiian coot on a nest with baby chick!

On the drive home the Mike found this Ohia tree, with it’s delicate Lehua flowers. Wow. Look at this hardy native, blooming in the lava and 40 mph wind. Great metaphor!

Amazing native Ohia tree blooms in harsh conditions

and here's how it looked to me:

The day was done when my overworked rubber slippers finally broke. In Hawaii, that’s when you “stay pau.”

Wen da slippahs stay broke, you stay pau.

As we drove home, rendered silent and sunburnt from all the beauty we’d seen, heard, known, and felt, I felt a glimmer of something—a glimmer of the people we were before kids. We loved each other fiercely back then, and were happiest adventuring together in nature.

I think that could be who we are again. The road ahead might just be beautiful.

The road ahead might just be beautiful.

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