In Lust with a Campervan: National Parks Road Trip

I’m in lust with a campervan, and we’re going on a national parks road trip! I’m a woman of sudden enthusiasms, and my current obsession is getting a campervan and taking to the road.

When I saw THIS I went into full-blown wanderlust.

But let me back up and fill you in a bit.  There are many who know me—including my husband— as a nervous, route-checking travelphobe, the original lady hobbit who loves her little hole—and this whole thing seems like a midlife reversion to hippiedom.

Maybe it is. Who cares? Crazy or not, we’re doing it!

It all began with a Big Birthday, the big 5-0, that looms. (Come to think of it, this is not that sudden an enthusiasm.) For some years I’ve been talking about and planning for the trip I want to take to celebrate my (in undisclosed years) 50th birthday. It’s still a ways off—but I just don’t want to wait any longer. There’s an urgency to “just do it,” and excitement is rising,  champagne bubbles in my veins—SO WE’RE DOING IT!

We bought our tickets, and this May Mike and I will drive across the States and photograph, blog about, and thoroughly experience the National Parks.

Our route begins in California, at our daughter’s house in San Jose, where we will buy camping supplies and pick up our van. Then, we go to peerless Yosemite National Park, which we haven’t seen since we were engaged back in 1985, a time when Mike loved me so much he carried both our backpacks while we hiked Tuolumne Meadows (oh wait, he still does that!)

Mike and Toby, engaged, at Yosemite in 1985. Yes, that was my natural hair color.

We’re planning for a month, with something of a route planned that we can accomplish in that time. After Yosemite, we hit Great Basin National Park in Nevada, then Bryce Canyon, Utah, then Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona (I’m getting palpitations I’m so excited!) then Canyonlands in Utah, Dinosaur Park in Colorado, Antelope Island State Park in Salt Lake, and curving back around to Ruby Lake, then Humboldt State Wildlife Management Area, and Lake Tahoe, ending back up at our daughter’s in June.

The cool thing is, we plan to take all of you, our friends and followers—with us. I’m going to be blogging and writing essays (and whatever book I’m currently on by then, probably Lei Book 5) and Mike will be blowing the lenses right off his cameras with the sights we’ll see and share.

What I can’t believe, now that we’ve pushed the button and bought the tickets, is how long it’s taken us to do this Bucket List item.

Can we afford this? Of course not. Can we afford NOT to go? Of course not!

What’s on your Bucket List? What’s stopping you from doing it?

*P.S.* We are seeking sponsorships, friend meetups, and other crazy adventures during our trip May 6-June 5. Email me or Mike!

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