Shattered Palms by Toby Neal. Hot new release!


Shattered Palms has: “controlled narrative pace, excellent description, and rare location in a well-developed mystery adding up to a five-star read.” (Gail Baugniet, Sisters in Crime President, Hawaii)

It also is all about the love story that began six books ago: “Without including any spoilers, I was anxious to complete this novel to learn more about Lei and her relationship with Stevens! You won’t be able to put Shattered Palms down until you discover if she makes it to the wedding!” (Shirley LaCriox, administrator)

“I love that this book revolved around the fragile life of some of Hawaii’s smallest inhabitants, the rare birds. The author is able to take a small piece of Hawaii in each book and weave it into the story so well. GREAT read!” Vicki from Texas

Shattered Palms, already making waves in the Hot New Release lists on Amazon, was fun to write because it was about conservation of our endangered native birds (a cause close to my heart!) and the bumpy love story that showcases one woman (Lei Texeira) in her quest for justice and healing from her past… and her relationship with the man brave enough to want to marry her.

I enjoyed working suspense from both the mystery and personal angle, and keeping readers turning pages well past bedtime to a satisfying conclusion. Hope you enjoy it too!

Shattered Palms

Shattered Palms



2 Responses to “Shattered Palms by Toby Neal. Hot new release!”

  1. Keakulina

    Coming out in print, too? I spend so much of my life staring at a screen that I relish holding a book and turning real pages! Mahalo!

    • Toby

      Yes, indeed! OUr print copies are usually about a month behind the ebook as the process is a lot more work than ebooks… Sign up for email and you’ll be notified when it’s up! Thanks and aloha