Blood Orchids goes Cosmopolitan

Blood Orchids goes Cosmopolitan

If you make me a Bookbub favorite author, you'll get a special email when one of my books is free or on sale, and this is worth doing because I eventually do a discount or giveaway on ALL of them, and try to be featured on this great email list of curated books monthly.  Search my name here and click the blue box. Add all your favorites, I sure did!

If you haven't heard of Bookbub, they're one of the best lists to get right in your email box. They feature free and discounted books, and they're good because competition is stiff (and expensive!) to get on their list, and they're rigorous in their curation/review. Sign up here for their lists. I've been a happy subscriber and have fed my freebie and .99 cent ebook hoarding habit happily for two years now through them.

There are other great lists to get. I also recieve Bookgorilla, Freebooksy, Digital Book Today, Pixel of Ink. However, none of these subscription services have the cachet, reach and careful editorial review that Bookbub has, which has led me as a reader to be confident in downloads I choose from their daily list, and in my commitment to using them as part of my author marketing plan and budget.

I love Bookbub! Recently they added an even cooler feature. You can sign up on their website to be notified when your favorites have a sale! I wasted no time checking the boxes next to the names of my favorites. If you care to, search my name here and never miss one of my monthly sales or giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways, Blood Orchids is FREE Dec. 27 to Dec. 31. Grab your copy today, and you'll also see it on BookBub's list Dec. 30! Always great to pass on the first in a good series to friends who might enjoy it, so please do forward or share. We indies count on your support in getting the word out!

Other than that, I'm weathering the aftermath of Christmas. Said goodbye to my son today, saying goodbye to daughter tomorrow, and putting on heavy rock music to take down the decorations and clean the house post-Christmas. UGH.

I plan to anesthetize myself this coming week from the post-holiday blues by immersing in the Wired In (Sophie Ang) rewrite. I've received feedback from two of my beta readers, and there are fixes to be made as there always are…but so far they LOVE it! you are in for a great ride whenever I (or a publisher) gets that book out to you. If you want to see the first two chapters, sign up for Booklovers Club on the Home page of my blog and log into the secret page for a sneak peek.

In other news, Island Fire is selling ok for a first effort in a new genre (YA dystopian) but more importantly, the reviews I asked for to decide if I should write another in the series are rolling in, so my writing schedule is filling up already for 2015! I plan to be busy writing in this coming year with a pause for a blogging/photography trip to Alaska with Mike Neal. *rubs hands together in glee* I do so love a road trip!

What services do you like to feed your ebook habit? Add/share in comments for others to benefit!



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