BITTER FEAST SELECTIt's time for Bitter Feast–Lei Crime Series 12 is here at last.

It's different than any of the other books. But then again, I try to keep it that way.

Here's the blurb:

The farm-to-table food movement in Hawaii can be luscious, exotic… murder.

Lieutenant Michael Stevens investigates a murder in a fine dining restaurant on Maui that’s a Feast of possible motives, with jealousy, passion and revenge topping the menu. A host of familiar characters, from Jared Stevens to Dr. Wilson, chime in from their perspectives, each contributing essential information to one of the most complex cases Stevens has encountered—but that’s nothing compared to imminent parenthood with his wife Lei, who’d rather be packing a gun than a diaper bag.

“Neal’s writing is persistently riveting.” Kirkus Reviews

Nine points of view move this story forward. What was I thinking!

Turns out, I was thinking that it was going to be impossible to top the nonstop blistering action of Red Rain, so I needed to go in a completely different direction—and after a month or two of being stumped, the Kindle World novellas provided an idea.

Have you read any of the licensed fan fiction Lei Crime Series novellas? They are written by other authors with my licensing permission, and you can find them on Amazon. It’s such an honor to have my own Kindle World! Check them out—I know you will love them! Read the reviews and descriptions to help find one just right for your taste—there are several genres represented, and more than thirty stories, with more being added all the time.

Many of these novellas take peripheral or secondary characters in my series and expand upon them—we have stories about Soga Matsumoto, Wayne Texeira, Esther Ka`awai, Pono Kaihale, and Marcella Scott, just to name a few, and of course lots starring Lei and Stevens! Reading the Kindle World novellas, I realized afresh what a colorful, multicultural cast of characters populate the Lei Crime Series. I wanted a new writing challenge—to show this story through the points of view of lesser, but still fascinating, characters.

I’ve tried hard to keep every book fresh and surprising in this series, not an easy task fifteen books in (including my companion books). I hope I achieved that in this book as well. It was certainly more difficult doing it this way, trying to keep each character’s “voice” distinctive, avoiding retelling the same facts but keeping the plot moving forward, and worrying about crossing timelines—but I hope I achieved it to a satisfying conclusion.

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