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New Books and Box Sets in the #LeiCrimeKW

✴︎   ✴︎   ✴︎   So Many Good Things! ✴︎   ✴︎   ✴︎ Comment below to be entered to win one of more than 32 prizes Since 2016, readers have been raving about the Lei Crime Series Kindle World. With over 80 stories written by dozens of authors, there is something for everybody, whether you’re a fan of mystery, thrillers,… Read more »

Wired Rogue Only .99!

Early last year I launched the Paradise Crime Series, starring Sophie Ang, an MMA-fighting FBI tech agent with a dark secret. Sophie first appeared in Book 4 of the Lei Crime series, Broken Ferns. She was so compelling that I gave her a point of view in the next book, Twisted Vine—something I’d never done… Read more »

Paradise Crime box set on sale for 2.99!

Paradise Crime Series Books 1-3 is ON SALE for 2.99! To help more people discover the series, I’m putting the box set of the first three books on sale for a limited time! Raves from readers: “This series has gripped me as all books have that I have read by Toby Neal! Sophie is a… Read more »