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Chick House and Dude House

Chick House and Dude House There are many differences between a Chick House and a Dude House. One of the things I got to do on my recent trip was visit my two young adult children in their respective digs in Northern and Southern California. Being a parent is the single most challenging and rewarding… Read more »

learning to shoot a Glock.

Learning to shoot a Glock. Yes, until today I was a shooting virgin. Yes, yes, I know—a cheesy title—but the nervous, sweaty-palmed ineptitude while handling something that has devastating power—well, the metaphor works for me. I’m visiting my son in San Diego at the end of an epic two week vacation, and two of his… Read more »

The Olympics as ultimate reality TV.

The Olympics are the ultimate reality TV. The agony, the ecstasy. The tears, trauma, silliness, and sheer epic pageantry. The sense of awe as every four years, the best in the world compete somewhere I’ll probably never see… and leave impressions of the best and worst of humanity. I’m a huge Olympics fan. My Olympics… Read more »

Great reviews and bitten nails for Torch Ginger

Launching Torch Ginger has brought great reviews and bitten nails. Deeply, badly bitten. It’s an ugly habit and flares up like warts when I’m stressed. Upon much reflection, I’ve decided the feeling of launching a new book is like when you send your five year old off to kindergarten. (Apologies to the great mass of nonparents… Read more »

How to raise creative kids.

I grew up on Kauai in Hawaii in the 1970’s, a hippie child with few possessions and no TV. I firmly believe that free time in nature along with a lot of reading, provided the right soil for a creative mind. As a kid I made my own board games, built tree forts, established elaborate… Read more »