I posted a blog on the Debatable Value of Twitter   a year or so ago, when I was still a noob with all this social media jazz. I am since a convert to Twitter as the single best outreach tool a writer has, and Sonia Rumzi is another writer and creative individual I met on Twitter. She is amazing, and when she listened to her copy of Orchids on her Kindle (in one sitting) she made this trailer.

I am still amazed at how the book is affecting people–some are upset by the violence. Others are intrigued by the Hawaii aspect. But mostly, people are falling in love with prickly, impulsive, damaged, fierce, courageous and hotheaded Lei Texeira, who will do anything to bring down a perp.

I am just so moved. I had no idea. This video is on my 1000 Things Grateful list as #39. Along with all the amazing reviews on Amazon, from people who took the time and hassle to log in, organize their thoughts, and make a statement. I just had no idea how emotional it all would be.

Did I mention possible menopause? Getting worried now.

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